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Essentials of cyber security for risk management

Cyber security teams need sophisticated technology and intelligence to help them stay ahead of cyber attacks. Business leaders expect greater visibility of cyber risk and how to mitigate it so they can make business decisions swiftly and with confidence.

Threat Essentials is a new threat intelligence platform designed to turn cyber security into a strategic risk management tool and business asset.

Why organisations need threat intelligence services?

Manajge cyber risk and cyber spend
Manage cyber risk – and cyber spend more strategically
Empower and equip security teams
Empower and equip security teams to be proactive, not reactive
Gain competitive advantage with cyber risk management
Accelerate decision-making and gain competitive advantage

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US Independence Day attack: why knowing your supplier's cyber security status is critical

0-day vulnerability 4th July is US Independence Day. Just before Americans were planning to switch off computers and enjoy a long holiday weekend, cyber criminals took advantage of a 0-day vulnerability being patched at Kaseya – a Miami-based firm providing remote management software to IT companies. Kaseya had been monitoring 'a security incident' for around 48 hours and was informing customers that they were working quickly to find a patch.  By mid-morning that day, they announced on their...

New ransomware business model? Babuk builder release

On 23 June this year, Threat Essentials observed a post on a dark web forum by an account previously used by the Babuk ransomware group. The post linked to an alleged tool that allows users to build versions of the Babuk ransomware, potentially leading to widespread use of Babuk variants by threat actors. Innovations and improvements can be made to the original ransomware, further increasing the threat.

6-month comms delay costs Canada Post a third-party data breach

Why do organisations wait to communicate something as critical as a data breach? Shouldn't organisations be the first to know if there is trouble in the supply chain? But what if they simply don't have the third-party cyber risk information? On reading about the Canada Post third-party breach, Threat Essentials took it to its intelligence platform for more information. In under a minute, the team was able to verify that a recently reported Canada Post's third-party breach had actually taken...