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Why you need threat intelligence to combat cyber attacks

Your organisation has established its SOC, plugged in a SIEM, and hired a security analyst team. But do they know what Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) they should be looking for? And what threats your organisation is most vulnerable to?

No security team can protect an organisation against all threats, all of the time, nor should they try. Threats posing the greatest danger to your organisation will vary depending on your operational environment, industry, customers, type and quantity of data you store, and even the time of year.

With countless threats operating in the wild, it is easy to be overwhelmed by information overload. Security teams can be swamped with too many alerts, especially when many of those alerts will be time-wasting false positives.

Cyber threat intelligence (CTI) is vital to the defence of your organisation. It helps you allocate your security resources effectively. It shows you what to look out for, how to mitigate risk, and when to do it.

Whether your SOC is threat-hunting for malware, managing day-to-day vulnerability management and risk assessments, or updating employees on the latest phishing scams, your organisation should have access to CTI that also considers up-coming business-critical events. That way, they can quickly address the threats that are most relevant and specific to your business.

Detect the threats most relevant to your business

When threat actors specialising in DDoS attacks are ramping up their activities on the dark web, targeting organisations similar to yours, and you have an online product launch or merger announcement on the horizon, your SOC needs intelligence they can act on. That way, they can tune their security tools to focus on and detect the threats most relevant to your business in the immediate timeframe.

CTI that is responsive to your needs as an organisation increases efficiency and effectiveness. It empowers even small security teams with the actionable intelligence they need to fend off attacks successfully and mitigates business risk. It’s a force multiplier for your defences. It could be the difference between business advantage and disaster.

To find out more about how threat intelligence can ramp up your cyber defences, talk to a Threat Essentials Analyst