Introducing a sophisticated cloud-based Threat Intelligence Platform

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Threat Essentials | Intelligence Applied

Surface threat intelligence that is directly relevant to the context of your organisation

Threat Essentials easy to use interface Crisp, easy-to-use interface

threat intelligence for risk management Bespoke threat intelligence at the touch of a button

Threat prevention Threat prevention with a business  ROI you can measure

How does it work?

We've created a platform that accesses the deep, dark and open web to see where your most relevant threats live.  We surface the threats using parameters that are meaningful to the context of your organisation. Using business information relevant to you we create robust, repeatable threat scores. Our highly-trained threat intelligence experts create actionable insights to help mitigate threats quickly and effectively, and effortlessly. 

By mapping your significant business activities against your most likely threats, our unique Risk Horizon tool helps you manage the threats that are most relevant to your organisation.

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3 more reasons you need threat intelligence platform

Reduce alert fatigue
More value and better ROI than other threat feeds
Demonstrable savings in time
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