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Threat Essentials

Imagine if you could protect all your organisation's significant business moments by visually surfacing any threats that make your organisation vulnerable to attack. Whether it is an online product launch, M&A activity or even the exit of a key member of the executive - these are triggers for threat actors to make their move.

With Threat Essential's Risk Horizon, Cybersecurity professionals can connect the dots, manage cyber risk, and be a proactive part of the business growth conversation.

Threat Essential's unique Risk Horizon  closes the gap between cybersecurity and business growth needs in 3 easy steps


Input the business activities that make a significant difference to your organisation into the Risk Horizon.


Link these activities to threat alerts to see what threats are jeopardising their success on our interactive and easy-to-use Risk Horizon.


Now you can report risk to the executive at the touch of a button and make plans to mitigate  risk and protect the business.

See our Threat Intelligence detection platform and Risk Horizon in action

"So intuitive, and so easy to use.  The data is  proving to be incredibly valuable."

Global Head of Information Security, A tech-led firm in the insurance industry