Are third-party relationships the weakest link in your cyber security?

Threat Essentials' Third-Party Cyber Risk Management solution identifies and minimises the impact on your organisation when vendors, suppliers and other tech partners leave you vulnerable to hackers.

Identify systemic operational and strategic cyber security risk introduced through third-party relationships.
Understand the likelihood of an attack by quantifying and measuring  third-party cyber risk.
Get expert, evidence-based recommendations on how to mitigate the risk.

What does Third-Party Cyber Risk Management do?

Third-Party Cyber Risk Management empowers you to identify and mitigate against your weakest third-party relationships before their weakness becomes your downfall.

Independent monitoring of the deep, dark and open web will give you the assurance that your third parties have declared all their past security incidents and that you will have immediate visibility of new ones,  even if they've not reported them.

What's the Advantage?

noun_collaboration_2064248 Embrace opportunities in interconnectivity and collaboration with partners.

noun_advantage_2323279(1) Gain competitive advantage when negotiating third-party contracts.

noun_advantage_2323279(1) Be more confident with your business plans and goals.

How does it work?

Leveraging the power of the Threat Essentials' intelligence platform, Third-Party Cyber Risk Management grades your third-party relationships against 10 key security criteria, scoring them from A to F. 

See at a glance the relative third-party risk score of a partner organisation and its potential cybersecurity risk to you.


DNS Health 1. DNS Health

IP Reputation 2. IP Reputation

Web app security 3. Web App security

Data leak hygiene 4. Data Hygiene

social score 5. Social Score

Network Security 6. Network Security

Darkweb chatter 7. Darkweb Chatter

Cloud server security 8. Cloud Server Security

API Security 9. API Security

MicrosoftTeams-image (50) 10. Sector Risk 

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